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The Bedstretch PillowShelf Story

We created the first PillowShelf in 2013. Martin absolutely hates his toes hanging off the end of a bed, to the extent that he will wake up throughout the night if that’s the case. Kris dislikes the weight of the duvet dragging across her feet as they near the end of the bed.

When we first got together we bought a big superking divan bed, but by the time we allowed for the space above our heads on the pillow and the few inches taken up by the headboard, Martin could feel the edge of the mattress and his feet would work their way down and off the mattress during the night. After a few weeks of keeping Kris awake, we came up with the idea of creating a shelf to support the top of the pillow which would allow us to sleep higher up the bed.

This truly simple solution meant that we kept the same bed and all the same bedding (no need for additional new expensive sheets and duvet covers). Nothing else changed – and now we have a massive seven foot long sleeping space.  It was such a simple solution and we thought no more of it until a tall friend stayed at our house and mentioned what a fantastic and unique idea it was.

After much research, we found that there was nothing like it already on the market and we set about creating a version that we could easily produce.  Even though we had a version that worked in our room, we didn’t have anything free standing or transportable or for beds of a different size.

 We knew that the height would need to be adjustable to suit the different weight of people on different mattresses and to allow change as the bed settled over time. It had to be upholstered, solid and reliable. It should be ready to use out of the box, easy to set up, not require any modification to the original bed or bedding and definitely up to current fire and safety standards. Designing a special sheet just for the PillowShelf, a carry bag and a means of working with or without a headboard and took a lot of time and consideration, and we knew that we needed a product for any width of bed from a small single up to the extra wide superking.

Transportability became a focus as we identified its many and varied uses and we could see its potential as an excellent Christmas gift for the special people in our lives. We realised that if we could provide a portable, adjustable and completely independent solution that could be installed and removed in minutes with no changes to the bed, we would have a life changing piece of furniture for taller people everywhere.

Being very keen on upcycling and recycling we decided that in addition to being able to keep your existing bed, we would provide the product in its own bag with its own sheet (keep your existing sheets and bedding) and special headboard spacers which allow you to keep your existing headboard as well without the need to modify or adjust the existing bed or bedding.


Where We Are Now

We have taken the Pillowshelf through several design changes and upgrades during our journey to date. The current version which is now in production provides six sizes for all standard bed widths in four standard colours. We also have a bespoke version for hospitality groups ordering in larger numbers.

We continue to look at ways to move forward with our product following the latest innovations in design durability and sustainability and we will be listening to you, our customers, so any ideas or comments you may have will be gratefully received and can be forwarded to ideas@bedstretch.co.uk.


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