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Bed Recommendations for Tall People

If you are looking for a new bed but don’t know where to start, you are not alone! If you are tall, finding the right-sized bed has an added challenge. You probably already know (and have the battle scars to show for it) that the average UK adult bed does not accommodate tall adults. Yet, if you don’t buy a suitable bed for your height, your sleep, health, and well-being may suffer.

There are so many options for different beds on the market these days, which is great, but how do you decide which bed is right for you? The pressure is on to make a good call, as let’s face it, you probably spend more time in your bed than anywhere else! 

We can help you make a great decision about your new bed, so we have put together some helpful tips and recommendations for finding the best beds for tall adults available in the UK, as well as a handy bed extender option if you want to save money and continue to use a regular sized bed.

Keep your own bed

Before you start looking around and reaching for your credit card, the most important question to as yourself is… do you really need a new bed? Or could you save yourself a whole bunch of time and cash by just making your existing bed more comfortable? 

If the only reason you want a new bed is that your existing one is too short, consider extending your bed instead. Make your bed, longer.

The Bedstretch PillowShelf can be installed in minutes and fits any divan bed with or without a headboard. It makes your bed a whole six inches (15cm) longer, and it sits under the pillows so you won’t even know it is there. It comes with its own sheet and means you won’t have to splash out on a new bed, bedding and mattress! 

Choose your PillowShelf and make your bed longer.

Shop beds fit for tall people

If you’ve got your heart set on a new bed and an extender is not for you, then, in no particular order, here are some of the best beds available for tall adults in the UK.

Top Tip: If you opt for a divan bed you make your new bed longer again, by adding our PillowShelf at any time.

The Long Beds King Size Sprung Divan Base

Long Beds is a British company that started in 1995 and it does what it says on the tin… makes long beds! Whilst a standard UK double is 6ft 3 inches long (191cm) and a standard UK king is 6ft 6 inches long (198cm), Long Beds biggest standard bed is a whopping 7ft 3inches (221cm), which is bound to help even the tallest person starfish to their hearts’ content.

The King Size Sprung Divan Base is 5ft Wide and the 7ft long version starts at £829.  You can choose from over 30 different colours and five different bed-feet ensuring your bed fits the style of bedroom.

Not satisfied with the options their standard range provide, Long Beds also specialise in bespoke beds, and you can order in any size! The company can also provide a mattress and linen for almost any size and all products come with a five-year guarantee as standard. 

The cheapest 7ft long double mattress plus divan package start at £750 rising to £2000 for the premium products.  

Remember, you can add 6 inches of length to any divan with a Pillowshelf so have a think before you buy new.

The PurelyBeds Comfort Memory Longbed

PurelyBeds is another UK-based company, run by father and son combination, that offer bed solutions for tall people. The son writes on their website that his dad is a bit obsessed with beds, especially beds for fellow tall people, and even has a PhD on the subject! Sounds like a good person to buy a bed from.

PurelyBeds offer three types of bed which come with extra length for tall people. They even have a tab on their main page ‘extra long beds’, showing this is not just an add on but front and centre of their business.

PurelyBeds only sell their sturdy bed bases when you buy one of their custom range mattresses.  The PurelyBeds Comfort Memory Longbed is Super King size but 7ft long and comes with a memory foam mattress for an incredible and supportive night’s sleep. The Comfort Memory Longbed packages start at £1250 and the divan bases come in a range of colours, in faux leather or suede, with options for storage drawers. 

The Big Bed Company

The Big Bed Company is a UK based company that specialise in bigger beds, ranging up to 8ft wide and 7ft 3 long! All their beds can be bought standalone but you can also buy mattresses and linen. 

This bed company offers something different as in addition to divan bases, they offer more traditional bed designs such as slatted wooden beds, sleigh beds and plank beds. They also make matching furniture to create a stylish bedroom suite. The fun names they have given their bed ranges include ‘Emperor’ and ‘Caesar’! These beds really are fit for kings!

Their hand-carved sturdy oak Wooden Sleigh Bed is very impressive and you can choose a variety of different wood stains. Starting at £2569, this incredible-looking bed would be a statement piece in any bedroom and is built to last a lifetime. Something to pass on to your tall offspring, perhaps!

How to choose the best bed for tall people

It is great that there is so much choice out there these days, but how do you make a decision about the best bed for tall people? Here are some things to consider: 

  • Features – you will want to consider whether the bed is long enough for you to stretch out in, how sturdy it is and how easy it is to get in and out of. Also consider whether you want space underneath for storage, or tidy storage drawers. 
  • Style – if you want a specific look in your bedroom, choose from a bed range that offers different colours or materials.
  • Reputable companies – internet shopping means that there are hundreds of shops at your fingertips, but make sure that you choose a company that is both legitimate and has great external reviews. You can use sites such as TrustPilot to check recent customer reviews.
  • Guarantees, trial periods and return policies – a bed is an important purchase and one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your house. Make sure you buy from a company that offers you piece of mind should you change your mind or if something goes wrong.
  • Cost – with the cost-of-living crisis, it is important to consider how much you can afford for your new bed suitable for tall people. If you can’t afford a new bed and mattress just now, consider going to thrift stores or waiting for a sale. You could always buy a regular sized bed and the PillowShelf bed extender to save money.

Things to consider when buying a new, tall bed

Avoid a footboard

There is nothing worse than being unable to stretch out in your bed, so if you are blessed with a few extra inches, avoid buying a bed with a footboard unless you are absolutely sure you will never bang into it! This means that whatever position you find yourself in (hands up if you’ve found yourself wriggled down to the middle of your bed one night!) your limbs won’t get cramped and you won’t get woken up by the sound of your feet making contact with a cold, hard surface.


I will say it again here, because it is on everyone’s minds at the moment, do you really need to buy a new bed? The cost-of-living crisis is hitting, and we are all a bit more aware of reusing and upcycling existing furniture to save the environment (and some pennies!).

If you are buying a new bed because your current one is too short, consider extending your existing bed with the Bedstretch PillowShelf, which adds six inches to your existing bed. 

This has the added bonus that you won’t need to buy a new mattress because it works with your existing one by slotting under the pillow. The PillowShelf is also portable – you can take it with you on holidays or visit friends and family who don’t have beds to accommodate your extra height.

If you really need a new bed, consider buying second-hand. If you can’t find one suitable for tall people as these can be more specialist, you could buy a regular-sized divan bed and a PillowShelf and make some cost savings. 


In addition to a new bed, remember you will also need to buy a new mattress to fit it! Most companies that build beds for tall people also stock mattresses that fit their nonstandard bed frames.

Mattresses such as Emma or Simba are all the rage these days, they get delivered in a box, have a ten year guarantee, and have a long trial period (from 200 days up to a year) which means you can return the mattress if you don’t like it, no questions asked! These companies also offer great discounts throughout the year.

If you want to take advantage of these offers, rather than buying more expensive products specifically for tall people, it is worth considering buying a standard mattress and divan bed base and using a bed extender such as the Bedstretch Pillowshelf.

FAQs on buying a tall bed

How tall should my bed be for my height?

The ideal bed length should be six inches (15cm) taller than your height. For example, if you are 6ft 4inches tall (an increasingly common height!) you will need a bed that is at least 6ft 10inches long. Consider though, most people like to stretch out at night so you might need to buy a much bigger bed to get the comfiest night’s sleep.  

Are there longer beds for tall people?

Many companies offer beds suitable for tall people, including Long Beds, PurelyBeds and The Big Bed Company. Some off Off the shelf beds go up to 7ft or you can have a bespoke bed made to almost any size! You can also buy a bed extender for a standard sized bed to add six inches extra height without having to replace your entire bed and mattress. The Bedstretch PillowShelf is an example of this kind of product.

What size bed should a 6-foot tall person get?

You should buy a bed that is at least six inches (15cm) taller than you are, as your body stretches out when you lie down. If you are 6-foot-tall, the minimum length bed you should buy is a king size at 6ft 6 long. However, if like most people you like to spread out in bed or raise your arms above your head, you might want to go even bigger longer! 

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