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How to Put A Headboard On A Divan Bed

Unlike other bed types, divan beds tend not to come with a headboard. The divan bed is designed to be free standing, however they can have drawers in the base or an ottoman style lift up under the mattress for storage.

The good news is that headboards can be easily added to improve aesthetics, provide comfort when sitting up in bed and help protect the wall behind the bed from scuffs and stains.

In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to fit a headboard.

Tools needed to fit a headboard

Attaching a headboard to a divan bed is easy, it’s something anyone can handle with the right tools. The most common style of headboard is one that comes with wooden securing struts attached and usually comes with two or four steel bolts (depending on the height of the headboard) with plastic guides.

Generally, all you need to provide is a screwdriver.

Step-by-step instructions to fit a headboard

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For a strutted headboard

Image source: Hafren Furnishers

Step 1: Identify the two or four holes at the head end of your divan bed base.

Note: These can usually be identified by small round stickers indicating where they are. Pierce the holes with a screwdriver when you find them.

Step 2: Screw the two or four large bolts with the plastic head into the four holes on the bed base but make sure to leave enough gap to enable you to slot the struts down over the bolts.

Step 3: Slide the struts onto the bolts, making sure the grooves in the struts are sitting over the bolts and the head of the bolts and plastic guide is able to be secured against the back of the strut.

The bottom of the headboard needs to be flush with the top of the mattress, so carefully adjust it correctly before tightening the bolts against the struts.

For a full-height headboard

Image source: Flowerhill Furniture

Step 1: Place the headboard against the divan bed base.

Step 2: Line up where the screw holes are on the divan base keeping the bottom of the headboard flush to the floor.

Step 3: Insert the steel bolts (including plastic guides) into the holes and screw them in until it is tight and secure.

Tips for attaching a headboard

When fitting a headboard to a divan bed base, pay special attention to the following tips as (from experience!) this is where it’s easy to make a mistake:

Stabilise the headboard

Make sure that the headboard is firmly fitted on the bed base, you must use a screw that has a thread and be sure to tighten it properly without over-tightening.

Check the bed size

Make sure the size of the headboard fits the size of the bed, and feel the hole on the base with your fingers so you can pierce appropriately.

Gather your tools

Make sure you have all the tools needed for the job before you start assembling (generally just a screwdriver).

Follow the instructions

Read the instructions above carefully before you start and follow them carefully.

Choosing the right headboard for you

The headboard you choose will affect the look and feel of the room. When shopping for a headboard consider the colour, fabric, size, pattern, details, height, and padding.

There’s a lot to think about but you will know when you find the one that you love! The main thing is that the headboard gives your room the style and feel that you want.

Your FAQs on putting a headboard on a divan bed

Are divan beds easy to assemble?

Divan beds are generally considered easy to assemble. They typically come in two main parts: the base and the mattress.

Sometimes, the base is made up of two parts that are easily assembled. The mattress is simply placed on top of the base.

Can a headboard go on either end of a divan bed?

Typically, a headboard can go on either end of a divan bed but before orientating your bed, check which end has the pre-inserted fixing holes.

Do you need a headboard with a divan bed?

You don’t need a headboard with a divan bed, they’re optional. Generally, people opt for a headboard for aesthetics. A headboard adds a decorative touch to the bed. It can be used as a backrest while sitting in bed as you can push your bed away from the wall if the headboard isn’t there. Also, headboards help protect the wall behind the bed from scuffs and stains.

You do not need a professional to help you to fix a headboard to your divan bed base, this simple step-by-step instruction will make it super easy and now you can upgrade your bed with a headboard, add more beauty to your room, and have a good night’s rest.

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