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What Is A Divan Bed? Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Divan Bed

Tall man sleeping in a double divan bed.

If you’re buying a new bed, you’ve likely come across the divan.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about divan beds, including the pros and cons. Plus, we’re sharing the industry’s biggest secret (spoiler alert: you can make a divan longer, perfect for our taller friends who want to sleep better).

In this article:

What is a divan bed?

A divan bed is a simple style of bed that is highly customisable. The foundation of a divan is often constructed from a sturdy wooden frame upholstered in fabric.

Commonly, divan beds come with extra storage in the form of drawers, or an ottoman-style lift-up under the mattress which is one of the main reasons they’re more desirable than frames. Divans also have a separate headboards so you can select one to suit you.

Pros of divan beds

The type of bed you choose will largely depend on your unique situation and preferences. To help you make a decision about the type of bed you want to buy, here are the benefits of a divan bed.

You can make it longer

Good sleep is one of the most important pillars of health. Yet, our beds are often too short. If you’re 5’11” or taller your bed is could be too short for you. Generally, we don’t think about how our bed length impacts our sleep, but if you’re sleeping diagonally or have your feet hanging out the bottom, your bed is too short. It’s an issue that the tallest people know only too well!

It’s not your fault that your bed is too short, unfortunately, the industry standard doesn’t really provide us with the space we need to sleep well. The good news, with any divan frame, you can extend your bed so that it’s six inches (or even 9″) longer.

We can demonstrate how in this video:

The main benefit to the divan bed and its extension is that you can buy a double frame, plus a double extender and the overall cost can be cheaper than upgrading to a king. The extended divan is also ideal for the ever growing teenager. You can start them in a standard single divan, then as they grow tall, which will happen before you know it(!) you can extend their bed with the single PillowShelf.

Easy to move

Many divan beds have wheels underneath them so they’re easy to move. Also, divans are hollow so they’re light.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Assembling a divan bed is easy. Most people will be able to assemble a divan without needing help from a professional, all you need to do is secure the two halves of the base (if a double, king or superking) with the clips provided and put the mattress on top. However, if you do buy a new divan you can often purchase assembly support if required.


One of the main benefits of a divan is the storage. Divans can be purchased with or without storage and often with options for two drawers or four or an ottoman style lift up compartment under the mattress.

Drawers are great since you won’t see your storage items, but can only hold light items
and are fairly space restricted.

If you need more storage then a divan with ottoman storage is a great option. These beds
lift at the base and the entire mattress comes up giving you the whole base to store
items. You can extend the ottoman style bed, too!

Replaceable headboard

A replaceable headboard ensures that you’ll be able to keep your bed as your style changes; simply remove the headboard and replace a new one if ever you wanted to.


Generally, divan beds are cheaper than the alternatives, but this will depend on the type of bed you’re buying. The ability to extend the length of the bed does play into the cost savings since a double, extended can be cheaper and longer than a king.

Cons of Divan Beds


Divans do not suit every aesthetic, but that can be said for everything. Although divan beds are very customisable, they’re not always considered the most attractive style, compared to other bed styles. When it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of divan beds you must go back to your unique requirements.

Oh, and don’t be put off by aesthetics before you take a look at divans on Pinterest; allow the interior designers to show you that divan beds can be made very stylish!

With a range of styles, you’re bound to find something you love.

Types of Divan Bed Bases

Here’s a look at the types of divan bed bases.

Platform top

Platform tops have a wooden frame and a slightly firmer top. If your preference is a firmer bed, this might be the one for you.

Sprung top

If you prefer a softer sleep then definitely consider the sprung top bed. The springs make the bed more flexible, which adds to comfort. As you can probably imagine this type of divan bed is slightly more expensive.

Ottomon Style

The ottoman style is the best if storage is what you really want from your bed (as well as comfort and sleep of course). In one pull motion you can easily lift the bed and mattress so that you have access to the space underneath.

In an ottoman-style bed you can expect to store all sorts and some larger items, too. In fact when you extend an ottoman bed, a PillowShelf makes it work better as it creates a space for Pillows to fall into as you lift the base.

Divan Bed FAQs

Your divan bed questions answered.

How does divan base storage space work?

Divan bed storage space makes excellent use of the bed base of a divan. You can select a divan bed with pull-out drawers integrated into the frame. Or choose an ottoman style where the mattress and top lifts. The benefit of divan storage is that storage is out of sight, unlike bed frames where you might see everything pushed under the frame.

What is a divan bed base likely to cost?

The cost of a divan bed varies according to the size and model, but can cost from/around:

  • £70 for a single bed
  • £100 for a double bed
  • £250 for a king-sized bed

The from prices are unlikely to include mattresses and storage options.

What is a divan bed made of?

A divan bed is made of a hardwood frame covered with soft fabric.

Is a divan bed more comfortable?

Divan beds are perfectly comfortable. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the more comfortable your bed will be. Since divans come with different styles and types you can tailor your new bed to suit your preference.

How high is a divan bed?

Heights vary, but you can expect a divan bed base to be around 14 inches high plus the height of your chosen mattress.

What size is a divan bed?

Divan beds are as big as the mattress itself. This is what makes the divan space saving.

  • Single measurements: 2’6 or 3’ x 6”3
  • Double measurements: 4’ or 4’6” x 6’3
  • Queen measurements: 5′ x 6’3″
  • King measurements: 5’ x 6”6
  • Super King Measurements 6’ x 6’
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