Frequently Asked Questions

6 inches doesn’t seem much, does it really make a difference?

When you stretch out in bed and extend your feet – particularly if you sleep on your side – you can extend your length by 4 inches or more. Traditional bed sizes are based on measurements from years ago! Our average height is increasing due to advances in health and nutrition (25% of millennials will be taller than their parents) and having a bed custom made and then sourcing the correct size bedding can be very expensive and difficult.  Not just that – it can be difficult to fit larger beds up staircases and into our bedrooms.

What sizes is the Bedstretch PillowShelf available in?

Available in 5 different sizes to match the width of the most popular bed sizes – 2 foot 6 inches, 3 foot, 4 foot, 4 foot 6 inches, 5 foot and 6 foot. Translating bed sizes isn’t an exact science, so we’d recommended you measure your bed to be sure, but as a general guide, we would classify:

  • Small Single – 2 foot 6 inches or 75cm
  • Single – 3 foot, or 90cm
  • Small Double – 4 foot, or 120cm
  • Double – 4 foot 6 inches or 135cm
  • King – 5 foot or 150cm
  • Super King – 6 foot or 180cm
Can I adjust the height of the Bedstretch PillowShelf?

Yes, the Bedstretch PillowShelf is supplied with a short, medium or long leg with the height of each leg having up to 6 inches (150mm) of adjustability to get the fit exactly right for your bed.  We want to ensure that you get the best height fit possible so on receipt of your order we will contact you to confirm which leg length is best for your bed.

How much does the Bedstretch PillowShelf cost?

 (see shop page)

Single 2ft6in  £110 inc VAT

Single 3ft £120 inc VAT

Small Double 4ft £150 inc VAT

Standard Double 4ft6in £165 inc VAT

King 5ft £175 inc VAT

Super King 6ft £185 inc VAT

All plus P&P

These Recommended Retail Prices include PillowShelf, bag, sheet, pair of headboard spacers full instructions plus a one year warranty.

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied

If you have a commercial requirement, please email us at trade@bedstretch.co.uk and we will get back to you to discuss how we can offer you our best deal.

How big is the bed with the Bedstretch PillowShelf fitted?

Your bed will be six inches (150mm) longer than it currently is!
In the UK, standard bed lengths are 6 foot 3 inches (190cm) and 6 foot 6 inches (200cm). With a Bedstretch PillowShelf fitted, your divan becomes 6 foot 9 inches (205cm) and 7 foot (215cm) long.

How do I know what height I need?

Simply measure from the floor to the top of your current mattress. We need to know so we send you the right height – you will need to adjust the Bedstretch PillowShelf during fitting, so it sits just below the level of your mattress. We contact each purchaser on receipt of an order to confirm what leg height is required so don’t worry too much about this when making your order.

Why is it height adjustable?

It’s not just because people have different divan heights. It’s also because as mattresses age they compress – you may find you need to adjust the Bedstretch PillowShelf slightly as time goes on.

Will the Bedstretch PillowShelf work with any bed?

No, it only works with divan beds. It can be secured through the headboard attachment holes, sitting on the floor between the divan base/mattress and the wall or headboard.

How long does it take to fit?

The Bedstretch PillowShelf can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. It is freestanding so you don’t have to secure it unless you want to.

My headboard has four securing screws, can I still use the Bedstretch PillowShelf?

Some very tall headboards are attached with four securing bolts. The Bedstretch PillowShelf comes with two headboard spacers but you can purchase more from our shop.

Do I need to buy a bigger sheet?

No, you continue to use your existing bedding. Each Bedstretch PillowShelf comes with a special sized sheet to use as a cover should you wish to use it (we don’t cover our headboard so why cover the Bedstretch PillowShelf), and you can buy more separately if you wish.

If you usually use a flat sheet, this will easily extend over the Bedstretch PillowShelf and still allow you to tuck in the corners tidily or even achieve a hospital corner, if that is your preference.

Can I have a sheet to go over the top?

Yes! It is supplied with a special sized sheet and more are available to purchase separately. Made out of a 200 thread count percale fabric, they fit snuggly on the Bedstretch PillowShelf and as the Bedstretch PillowShelf sits under your pillows, the cover will not need to be washed as frequently as the bedding.

Is it heavy?

No – depending on the size, it’s about the same weight as a travel cot. Trials have shown it’s easy for people of any age or technical ability to carry and install.

Can it fit at the bottom of the bed?

No, the Bedstretch PillowShelf is designed to go at the top of the bed. It works by extending your bed from the head end, meaning your pillow will be half on the bed and half on the Bedstretch PillowShelf and you gain that extra six inches of your mattress to stretch out onto.

I’ve already got a big bed, do I need a Bedstretch PillowShelf?

We’ve found that people can benefit from the Bedstretch PillowShelf no matter what size their current bed is. Adding six inches to the length can make the difference between a reasonable night’s rest and an excellent sleep.

Is it health and safety compliant?

All materials are tested to BS7177 to ensure relevant fire safety requirements for mattresses and divan beds for domestic use and to CRIB 5 for hotel/accommodation provider purchasers.

What is sent out with my order?

Each Bedstretch PillowShelf comes with its own travel bag, sheet, set of headboard spacers, full instructions and a year’s warranty!

What does delivery cost?

Shipping to mainland UK is £10.50. Please contact us for an international quote on sales@bedstretch.co.uk


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The Bedstretch Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will be delighted with our product that we will give you back your money if you are not.  We will contact you on receipt of your order to confirm the required size, leg height and colour.  We will deliver the product to your door and if you’re not completely satisfied you can return it within fourteen days for a full refund.

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