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Same Beds, Same Bedding – But Longer

You are in the business of providing the perfect accommodation for your guests. You attend to every detail to make sure their visit to you is as comfortable as possible. But how many of your taller guests are actually sleeping in comfort and getting the same good night’s rest as your shorter ones?

The Bedstretch PillowShelf enables you to afford your taller guests the same comfort as the shorter ones.  Standard 6’3” and even 6’6” beds are simply not long enough to cater for anyone over 6’ or 6’2”.  The population is getting taller, yet bed lengths remain the same so why not be ahead of the game and offer all your guests the opportunity of a minimum 6’9” bed?

A PillowShelf sheet is provided with each, however a standard-length flat sheet will extend over the PillowShelf and easily enables a tidy hospital corner finish.

Our standard four, on trend colours, will suit most hotel/accommodation settings and are upgraded to CRIB5 for compliance. If you have a specific colour scheme or livery to coordinate with this can be accommodated with options from our extensive range of fabrics.

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Bedstretch PillowShelf


  • Easy-to-install (takes no more than 2 mins)

  • Folds in half for easy storage (just keep one or two in the linen cupboard on each floor of your hotel or one in every room)

  • Can be left permanently attached to a bed so all guests enjoy the comfort of the extra length

  • A PillowShelf sheet is provided with each PillowShelf, however a standard-length flat sheet will extend over the PillowShelf and easily enables a tidy hospital corner finish 
  • Non Folding or Folding Bespoke PillowShelfs can be made to your own specifications and colours
 Colours to suit

Your Decor

Our standard four on-trend colours will suit most hotels/accommodation settings. If you have a specific colour scheme or livery to coordinate with this can be accommodated with options from our extensive range of fabrics.

We can even use your own fabric if preferred to ensure consistency of design in your bespoke rooms. 

 The Right Size


We appreciate that some hotel rooms do not allow for the additional length very easily, but our experience is that a taller sleeper would rather forego a few inches of room space to experience a refreshing and comfortable night’s sleep. Installed in minutes it can even be a temporary addition, removed during day time hours by the guest to create more space and then put back in place for sleeping hours for that all important restful night’s sleep.

 If the height of all the beds in your establishment are the same, a Bespoke non folding version would be best – this allows for a small amount of height adjustment to allow for changes in the mattress as it ages.

Alternatively, our single and double folding versions are ideal for easy storage in the linen cupboard for use as and when.

    Hospitality Price Ranges

     Offer prices for our four, on trend colours, upgraded to CRIB5 standard for Hospitality use, are:

    Small 2’6 Single £110 plus VAT
    Standard 3′ Single £120 plus VAT
    Small 4′ Double £150 plus VAT
    Standard 4’6 Double £155 plus VAT
    King Size 5′ £160 plus VAT
    Super King 6′ £170 plus VAT


    plus Carriage

    To find out more, discuss options or place an order, please email hospitality@bedstretch.co.uk and we will get straight back to you.

    Luton Hoo Hotel Golf & Spa

    We originally saw the Bedstretch PillowShelf at the Independent Hotel Show in 2018, so when we were approached by some taller American guests wishing to book but enquiring about the length of our beds and in particular requesting at least two rooms with a 7’ bed (our rooms all come with a 6’6 bed), we contacted Bedstretch to investigate if the PillowShelf could work for us.

    As a luxury hotel, our first priority is always to ensure our guests enjoy an excellent experience in every aspect of their stay so we must choose what we will introduce to our rooms with care.  Every effort is always made to preserve and restore the original ambience of the property and this is reflected in the attention to detail in which we have decorated and furnished each individual room and suite.

    We were therefore delighted with the quality and ease of assembly of the PillowShelf which fitted discreetly with existing furniture. The portability also means that we can use the PillowShelf in different rooms to suit future guests’ requirements so can always accommodate a request for a 7’ bed in the future.

    The Bedstretch Money Back Guarantee

    We are so sure that you will be delighted with our product that we will give you back your money if you are not.  We will contact you on receipt of your order to confirm the required size, leg height and colour.  We will deliver the product to your door and if you’re not completely satisfied you can return it within fourteen days for a full refund.

    Bedstretch PillowShelf ™

    The PillowShelf extends the length of any divan bed by 6 inches in minutes …

    Your Bed, Your Bedding