Show you care – Be Height Aware

Your beds might be big, but are they long enough for your taller guests?


Same Beds, Same Bedding but Longer

The Bedstretch PillowShelf allows you to convert a standard divan bed into a longer, more relaxing haven of comfort in a matter of minutes. The hospitality version is perfect in any commercial setting bringing your taller guests the same level of comfort you offer the shorter ones!

Placed at the head of the bed, supporting the top of the pillow, the Bedstretch PillowShelf allows you to add six inches (15cm) to the length of any divan bed. It enables you to offer your guests the choice of more room in the bed or more room around the bed without the need to invest in longer beds, bigger rooms, or different bedding.

Tall guests don’t complain about short beds because they don’t realise there is a solution to their predicament, there would be no point in complaining – beds in the UK are 6’3” long, and a kingsize bed is only 3 inches longer at 6’6”, so imagine how happy they will be if you could offer an even longer solution, another 6” in length to solve their problem.

The PillowShelf introduces your taller guests to unexpected levels of comfort, not only will they always be happy to come back, but they are likely to recommend you to all of their friends, especially the tall ones.

The Bedstretch PillowShelf™ – as seen on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den

When Kris and Martin appeared on Dragons’ Den in January 2023 the Bedstretch PillowShelf™ was acclaimed as ‘Genius’ by Peter Jones. Deborah Meaden said ‘Hotels are your market – everyone would want a longer bed’.

It transpired that Peter Jones had complained to the other Dragons’ time and time again that his bed was too short. The producers even moved him from one hotel to another, but he still had to sleep diagonally.

Peter is not alone, between 5% and 10% of your guests will be too tall for your King or Superking beds and if you only supply standard singles, doubles, or queen-sized beds, a staggering 20% of guests could sleep with their feet hanging off the end of the mattress.

Offer the longer bed option to your guests.

Most people are 4-5 inches longer when laying down as they lay on their side and stretch out their feet.  Tall guests won’t complain they will just go elsewhere.  A Bedstretch PillowShelf™ is pure Genius.

  1. Hospitality is about being hospitable.  Holding doors, carrying cases.  Why would you bend over backwards to make your guests comfortable and then ask them to bend double to fit in your beds?
  2. Imagine how people will feel if you offer them a longer bed as easily as you might offer them a morning paper or a selection of pillows – Now we are talking hospitality!
  3. And it’s a win, win.  Not only will your guests sing your praises about this unusual and unexpected level of hospitality, but you can promote the fact that you can provide some of the longest beds in the industry.  
  4. An added USP and a unique marketing edge – Hospitality in action

Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa

“We originally saw the Bedstretch PillowShelf at the Independent Hotel Show in 2018, so when we were approached by some taller American guests wishing to book but enquiring about the length of our beds and in particular requesting at least two rooms with a 7’ bed (our rooms all come with a 6’6 bed), we contacted Bedstretch to investigate if the PillowShelf could work for us.

As a luxury hotel, our priority is always to ensure our guests enjoy an excellent experience in every aspect of their stay so we must choose what we will introduce to our rooms with care.  Every effort is always made to preserve and restore the original ambience of the property, and this is reflected in the attention to detail in which we have decorated and furnished each individual room and suite. We were therefore delighted with the quality and ease of assembly of the PillowShelf which fitted discreetly with existing furniture. The portability also means that we can use the PillowShelf in different rooms to suit future guests’ requirements so can always accommodate a request for a 7’ bed in the future.

The PillowShelf to grow your accommodation business

“No one complains about bed length”

The Hospitality version of the PillowShelf™

The Hospitality PillowShelf has been enhanced in several ways to make it more suitable for the commercial environment where it might be in continual use between any number of rooms.

  • Manufactured in Crib5, fire retardant materials.
  • The standard hospitality Leg Fold version includes reinforcement and a carry handle.
  • Bespoke build for each order to match exactly the customers standard bed height.
  • Additional layers of foam to allow the installation to be to the height of the mattress.
  • Designed to provide a more aesthetic look.
  • Additional components to lock the PillowShelf shut to simplify storage and transport.
  • Instructions are included on the product.
  • There is a wider range of colours and fabrics at an additional cost.
  • Special feet to simplify fitting.
  • Comes with its own slip on fitted sheets, so you do not need to change your bedding.

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