Martin and Kris Andrew came up with the idea of the PillowShelf about five years ago. At 6’ 1”, Martin regularly found that beds were too short for him, resulting in many nights of broken sleep caused by his toes overhanging the edge of the bed. Kris challenged him to find a way to make their existing bed more comfortable, and they came up with the concept of the PillowShelf. It stopped Martin from tossing and turning, which was disturbing Kris’s sleep – and best of all, having just redecorated and invested in new bedding, it meant they didn’t need to replace all their new bedlinen yet again!

Then last year, they found that family and friends were interested in their invention, and so the PillowShelf story began. “We never thought that other people would be interested until friends started to ask us if they could have one too,” says Martin. “Being able to keep your own bed and bedding is key – during product trials the PillowShelf has been used to lengthen beds for returning university students, been taken on holiday, and has also gained commercial interest.”

In his other role, Martin is a Saddler and Saddle Fitter and a member of the Society of Master Saddlers.  His company, Fitted Saddles Ltd operates across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire from its base in Ringwood in the New Forest.  Kris has taken a break from her role in supporting children with special educational needs to focus on Bedstretch and taking the PillowShelf to market.  Now that the Crowdfunding Campaign has launched, Kris is concentrating on the manufacturing process and the next stage of marketing.

Kris and Martin, the founders of Bedstretch