Bespoke PillowShelf ‘Just for you’ (P.O.A.)


A bed extension with a difference! For use on divan beds, it extends the bed at the head end under the pillow. If your bed is too short, it will affect the quality of your sleep and the warmth and comfort of your toes! The PillowShelf with its unique design turns a 6-foot 3-inch bed into a luxurious 6-foot 9-inch bed and a 6-foot 6-inch bed into a massive seven-footer! Fitting at the top of your bed, under the pillows, you won’t even know it’s there. It allows you to sleep further up your bed giving you six inches more of your mattress to stretch out in.

Installed in minutes you can use it with or without a headboard as it comes with specially designed spacers to secure your headboard back into place. Unfold the PillowShelf, adjust the legs to match the height of your mattress and if desired, cover with the included fitted sheet. Same bed, same bedding, but six inches longer!

The Bespoke version of the PillowShelf is assembled to order to the given height of a particular bed.  It has a small amount of vertical adjustment but is used in situations where the absolute height to the top of the mattress can be specified beforehand.  The model is not suitable in situations where flexibility or transportability is required.

On receipt of your order, we will contact you to confirm your exact requirements to ensure a perfect fit for your bed. We are so convinced that you will love the product that we back this service up with a full 14-day refund if you change your mind.

This product is currently only available by special order so please contact the office by phone or by email to trade@bedstretch.co.uk

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



  • A PillowShelf is a free-standing elegant item of furniture that sits at the head end of a divan bed. It is a 6 inch (15cm) fully upholstered bed extension. It fundamentally changes your sleeping position on your mattress.
  • The sustainable option to extend your existing divan bed at a fraction of the cost of a new extra-long bed! Installed in minutes with or without a headboard – Your bed, your bedding but six inches longer!
  • Fit a PillowShelf to your own divan bed for a luxury sleeping solution. Offer it in the guest room, fit one for your growing children or buy one for their university accommodation. No longer suffer short beds or make your children and guests suffer!
  • Made in the UK from sustainably sourced lightweight wood, cushioned with a layer of foam and fully upholstered in a choice of four standard colours: Cream, Sand, Seal or Slate (see colour chart). Complies with all UK BS Safety Standards.
  • Easily adjustable to suit the height of other divan beds. Supplied with its own sheet, headboard spacers and bag, the PillowShelf can be folded, transported and taken with you for a comfortable night’s sleep anywhere!

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Cream, Sand, Seal, Slate