Jane Rochford

Bedstretch has solved a big problem for us and saved us a lot of money in the process. My teenage son is well over 6 ft and his younger brother is going the same way but we couldn’t find any UK bed manufacturer making single beds over the standard length. The only option was buying a double bed which we didn’t have the space or budget for. Then a friend told me about Bedstretch and for just £99 we had the perfect solution.

I had worried that the padding might be poor or the bedstretch hard to install but this wasn’t the case at all. The surprising added bonuses are that we don’t need to replace any of our bedding for a larger mattress and it’s portable so we can take it on holiday!

I’d also add that Bedstretch took a lot of time to ensure we were selecting the right size for our son’s bed and were very patient with all my emails.

I’d definitely recommend Bedstretch and, in fact, already have!