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Holiday Park & Resort Innovation 2022

]Martin, Kris and all at Bedstretch would like to thank everyone who came to visit them on their stand at the recent Holiday Park and Resort Show at the NEC.  The orders have been rolling in as have the enthusiastic comments for our great product.  Once the product was explained, it was good to see how quickly accommodation providers could see the huge benefits of just having one or two PillowShelfs in their linen cupboards for when those taller guests arrive.  The realisation that they could offer the Long Bed Option to all their guests by turning their existing beds to 6’9 or 7 foot and encourage those taller guests and families with taller teenagers to want to stay again, was a hit,  The sustainability of not needing to change their current beds or bedding and therefore the cost saving of making such a significant change for such a small outlay was gratefully received.  We are as always extremely pleased to help so if you are an accommodation provider please contact us to see how we can help you to offer the Longer Bed Option to your establishment.

Show you care – be height aware!

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