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How to Extend a Single Bed

Main Bedroom

Our customers are desperate for a solution to extend their single beds and we’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for.

You might want to extend your single bed to:

  • Accommodate taller guests in a guest room, because there’s nothing worse than guests waking up tired.
  • Extend the single bed that your child (typically the son!) is out-growing at a rapid rate.

Whatever your reason our single bed extender is cost-effective and sustainable. You’ll be able to keep the same bed and even the same bedding.

You will finish this article knowing exactly what you need and how to extend a single bed.

Step 1: Pull the divan bed from the wall

You’ll want to make sure you can access the headboard of the bed with ease. We recommend pulling the divan bed about 7 or 8 inches from the wall.

If your bed has a headboard, remove it.

Step 2: Unpack the Single PillowShelf

Unpack the Single PillowShelf. Unfold it and lock the legs open.

Stand the PillowShelf next to the bed and set the height of the PillowShelf.

TIP: We recommend starting with a height between 1-2cm below the height to the top of the mattress.

You might find you need a little less space if the mattress is firm and/or the occupant is light.

Or, a little more if the mattress is soft and/or the occupant is heavy.

The single bed extender pictured with cute teddy bear and packaging.
The single bed extender is pictured with a cute teddy bear and packaging.

Step 3: Position the single PillowShelf

Now set the PillowShelf at the head of the bed.

Slide the supplied white fitted sheet over the top of the PillowShelf.

Step 4: Attach the PillowShelf to the bed

  1. Fold out the headboard brackets on the legs
  2. Align them with the standard holes in the divan base
  3. Screw the spacers through the brackets into the standard holes.
  4. If you have one, refit the headboard to the other end of the spacers. Additional spacers can be purchased in pairs for tall headboards with 4 or 6 bolts. 
  5. Push the bed back in place
  6. Place the Pillows further up the bed which cover the join

Your bed is now six inches longer.

A single divan bed with the single bed extender attached. The bed is in a neutral styled room with a cute dog lay on the floor. There is also a bear sitting on a wooden chair. Towels are positioned at the end of the bed as if ready for a guest.
A single bed with the single bed extender in place.

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