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Signs Your Bed Is Too Short

feed poking out of a duvet at the end of a bed

Most people don’t give much thought to the size of their bed…unless, they’re tall.

Then, the size of the bed matters (a lot) because tall people need to sleep! 

If you’re waking up with cold feet, sleeping on the diagonal or pushing your partner out of bed, it’s probably because your bed is too short for you.

A bed that’s too short can be uncomfortable and can even lead to health problems. 

Here are some signs that suggest that it’s time for you to consider extending your bed.

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7 Signs your bed is too short

Your feet hang off the end of the bed

If your feet are hanging off the end of your bed, it’s a pretty clear sign that your bed is too short for you. The average king size bed is 6ft 6in (198.5cm) whilst the average double is a mere 6ft 3in (190.5cm). Even if you are not this tall, most people spread out almost five additional inches when they lay down, and many need extra space to spread their arms out above them. 

The bed should support your entire body, so if your feet hang off, you are going to experience cold feet, some discomfort, or even chronic pain. 

If you find yourself constantly readjusting to try and get your feet onto the bed, it’s time you consider a longer size.

You spend all night kicking the footboard

People whose feet hang off their bed will also hate sleeping in a bed with a footboard. If you’ve stayed in a hotel or at a friend’s house and they’ve put you in a double (or even a king) bed with a footboard, you‘ve dreaded the long sleepless night ahead. 

Sleeping in a bed with a footboard deprives you of the unenviable option to hang your feet off the end, meaning instead you must tuck your knees in to fit your legs in, or sleep on a diagonal.

You spend all night kicking your partner 

Even worse than kicking a footboard, is spending all night accidentally kicking (or elbowing) your partner whilst thrashing around your flailing limbs as you try to adjust. 

If your night-time antics are causing the wrong type of fireworks in the bedroom and you’ve found yourself having arguments in the middle of the night about which side of the bed is whose, it might be time to consider remedying your bed situation.

It is simple really, beds are built for two people to share, and that can’t happen if one person is laying across it diagonally, creeping into a partner’s space. Diagonal sleeping means that both partners are compromising on sleep.

Both partners should comfortably fit in the bed to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

You have to curl up into a ball to fit in your bed

If you find yourself having to tuck your knees up and curl into a ball to fit in your bed every night, when you’d prefer to sleep like a star fish, your bed is definitely too short. 

You should be able to lie down comfortably, in a range of positions, with your whole body always supported. This is really not too much to ask for! 

Some people like curling into a ball to sleep, but it is important to be able to stretch all your limbs to avoid cramps, aches and pains. If you don’t have this choice, you may find yourself stiff and uncomfortable in the morning, or be tired from tossing and turning all night long. 

You find yourself having to choose between using a pillow, or fitting in your bed

If you find yourself reluctantly throwing your pillow on the floor because you have to choose between using one, or fitting your feet in the bed, this is another sign that your bed is too short. 

A good pillow is both comfortable and supportive and should help you get a better night’s sleep, not get in the way. With a good pillow, you wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Not using a pillow could mean you don’t sleep as well and choosing between no pillow or cold feet is a choice no one should ever have to make.

You wake up every morning feeling stiff and cramped

If you wake up every morning feeling stiff and cramped from the positions you’ve been forced into, if your body gets more action than a contortionist just so you can fit in your bed, it’s time to investigate some possible solutions. 

Your bed should be somewhere you can rest and recover your tired muscles, not a place that you leave feeling in more pain! 

You’ve opted to sleep on the floor or the sofa for a better nights sleep

If you’ve ever decided a sofa or the floor is a more comfortable option than sleeping in a bed, it’s not a good sign. Most people see floors and sofas as the largely unpreferred option, reserved only for nights when you end up passing out at a party or gift your bed to a visiting relative in an act of altruistic heroism.

Floors and sofas are not designed for sleeping on and can give you a bad back and a terrible night’s sleep. If you prefer sleeping on the floor just so you can stretch out at night, it might be time to look at different options.

Thankfully there is one!

The BedStretch PillowShelf can extend any divan bed by 6 inches.

Take a look at the PillowShelf in action in the short video.

Why are beds becoming increasingly too short for people?

You might be amazed to hear that worldwide, the height and weight of the average person has increased over the years. 20% of millennials are over 6ft. This is because we now have more access to nutritious food than ever before, and our health has improved too. Both of these things mean that our bodies have more energy for growing tall with! Unfortunately, the sizes of our beds have not kept up with the times and we are having to sleep in beds designed for people who were a lot shorter than us.

Why having the right size bed is important for your wellbeing

Being especially tall might be good news for reaching basketball hoops or seeing your favourite band, but these benefits can be far outweighed by the perils of getting a good night’s sleep in a too-short bed.

A bed that is the right size for you is important for your wellbeing for many reasons. 

First, it helps you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re comfortable and supported by your bed, you’ll be able to sleep soundly through the night. But if your bed is too short, you may find yourself tossing and turning or waking up regularly. Sleep is so important to human health and well-being and sleep deprivation may lead to issues including underperforming at work, crankiness and arguments with loved ones, or even mental health issues such as depression.

Second, a bed that’s the right size for you provides support for your whole body in any position you want to sleep in. If your bed is too short, you may find yourself curling up into a ball or hanging off the edge which can lead to chronic pain.  

Third, a bed that’s the right size for you is important for your relationship! A bed should be a happy place for a couple snuggling together in the evenings and reconnecting after a hard day at work. If your bed has instead become a territorial battleground it could lead to long term problems in your relationship. 

What can you do if your bed is too short?

Invest in a larger bed

If you’re finding that your bed is too short, one thing to do is invest in a longer bed. A longer bed will be more comfortable for you and will also help to reduce any health problems that might be caused by sleeping in a too-small bed. If you have a partner, a larger bed will also help to improve your relationship by giving you both more space. So, if you’re stuck in a too-short bed, don’t suffer in silence! Make the switch to a longer bed today sooner rather than later.

Keep you bed, but make it longer

There are many creative ways of extending your bed to give yourself more space. If you are handy with DIY you could add a purpose built platform at the end of your bed. This is easier if your bed is made of wood!

A quick, simple and affordable solution is the BedStretch PillowShelf which allows you to keep your own bed and bedding but makes your bed six inches (15cm) longer. It can be installed in minutes, with or without a headboard. It comes with its own sheet and goes under the pillow, so you won’t even know it is there! 

If your bed is too small, you deserve to make a change that helps you sleep better! Remember, we spend a large proportion of our life in bed and sleeping in the right sized bed will massively improve your health and well-being. 

Good luck finding a solution that works for you!

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