PillowShelf Uses

The potential for the PillowShelf is huge, especially in the Hotel industry

feed poking out of a duvet at the end of a bed

Signs Your Bed Is Too Short

Most people don’t give much thought to the size of their bed…unless, they’re tall. Then, the size of the bed matters (a lot) because ...

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Main Bedroom

How to Extend a Single Bed

Our customers are desperate for a solution to extend their single beds and we've got the solution you've been looking for. You might ...

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Daniel's PillowShelf success story

Sleep is the key to good mental health and wellbeing

At Bedstretch, we know that sleep is the key to good mental health and wellbeing. We also know that our busy lives contribute to increas...

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Here’s how it works with a headboard

Does your existing bed have a headboard? This video shows you how to use the headboard spacers whilst securing the PillowShelf in place. ...

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See the PillowShelf in action

Wondering how it works? Catch the PillowShelf in action. We had a bit of fun putting this one together and hope you enjoy it! Click on...

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Meet… the PillowShelf!

It’s the simple solution to keeping your bed and keeping your toes warm at the same time. The PillowShelf supports the pillows at the to...

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PillowShelf assembly

The PillowShelf is incredibly easy to assemble, taking minutes to put in place. You can see how it works by watching our video! Click on...

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