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Sleep is the key to good mental health and wellbeing

Daniel's PillowShelf success story

At Bedstretch, we know that sleep is the key to good mental health and wellbeing. We also know that our busy lives contribute to increasingly high levels of stress and anxiety, so we appreciate the need to provide ourselves and those we love with the most suitable and comfortable beds we possibly can. This is easier for some than for others, especially if you are tall or have debilitating medical conditions. Because beds in the UK come in standard lengths, generally 6’3ins and 6’6ins, sometimes this limits our comfort and ability to stretch out so our discomfort may be solved by simply having a longer bed.

We recently ran a Facebook competition for the winner to win a PillowShelf Bed Extender to make their bed longer and we were both delighted and saddened to receive the entry for the person who eventually won the PillowShelf. Daniel is a 17-year-old boy who suffers from a condition known as Marfan Syndrome. His mum, Lesley entered stating that because of his condition a longer bed would help him so much.

We have both Lesley and Daniel’s permission to write this Blog and are therefore not divulging anything they would not want us to share. Because we had never heard of Marfan Syndrome and nor had anyone we subsequently asked, we really wanted to know more so this is what we found out: it affects 1 in 5000 people, it’s a disorder of the body’s connective tissues that help to maintain the structure of the body and support internal organs and children usually inherit it from one of their parents.

Sufferers may be very tall, with long thin limbs, have loose and very flexible joints, they could have a small lower jaw, a high arched roof of the mouth, deep-set eyes, a breastbone that either protrudes outwards or indents inwards as well as many and varied other characteristics and symptoms.

Bedstretch Ltd

Daniel’s story and his condition have touched us all at Bedstretch. We are delighted that our prize of a PillowShelf has gone to such a worthy winner and is offering Daniel that much needed additional bed length to afford him respite from his sleepless and uncomfortable nights, but we are also deeply saddened to learn of this awful condition that affects so many people and isn’t widely known about. We therefore wanted to use our blogs and social media platforms to help in whatever way we can.

So, this is Daniel who suffers from a selection of Marfan characteristics, particularly tallness and loose flexible joints. Because he is longer than his bed, his feet couldn’t be properly supported, causing him discomfort and pain at night therefore affecting the quality of his sleep and his daily wellbeing.

Since receiving his prize, Daniel has reported that his bed now seems VERY BIG and that his feet no longer hang off the end, so he is now able to sleep much more soundly!

We are so incredibly pleased that the PillowShelf has been such a game changer for him

We will be chatting with Daniel and Lesley further in the next few weeks and look forward to getting to know them better, bringing you news of how Daniel and his family work hard to overcome his condition and what us non sufferers can do to help make a difference to the life of a sufferer.

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