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More reasons why we need a good night’s sleep

feed poking out of a duvet at the end of a bed

Getting a good night’s sleep as we grow older isn’t just about recharging our batteries – the recommended amount of sleep for someone over 50 is 7-9 hours, and over 65 is 7-8 hours. There are very good physical reasons why ensuring we have a supportive bed is so important.

Our bones, muscles and joints are all linked. Muscles can shrink and we can experience loss of bone density due to hormonal changes. This affects our posture and our spine can curve forward causing a stoop. Exercise, diet, taking extra calcium and vitamin D, limiting alcohol use, stopping smoking and checking our posture can help.

So it becomes even more important that our bed and mattress support us correctly. Many taller people, who regularly experience discomfort, will change their mattresses thinking that could be contributing to their discomfort. But this isn’t always the case. It could be the way they are positioned on the mattress. Most people are at least five inches longer than their height when laying down as their toes will extend when they roll on their side.

When Martin was so fed up with his toes hanging off the end of the bed, he and his wife Kris decided to design the PillowShelf, which lengthens an existing divan bed, allowing the body to stretch out and sleep in comfort by fundamentally changing the way it is positioned on the mattress. It supports the very top of the pillow allowing you to lay with your bodyweight supported in the centre of the mattress away from the reinforced edges under your toes.

Kris explains:

“By moving the body up the mattress, the PillowShelf releases 6” (15cm) at the foot of the bed. Better for the taller sleeper, who currently has to curl up to ensure their feet stay in the bed, but equally better for their partner who will get their own space back again!”

But don’t just take our word for it! Mr P had a Stroke and found that during the night he would slip down the bed and once his feet were out of the end of the bed, taking the bed clothes with him, he was unable to get them back in again. The extra six inches gained by installing a PillowShelf at the top of the bed solved the problem. He says he is “Absolutely delighted with our Bedstretch. So helpful and understanding when we made the telephone enquiry. Very easy and quick to fit, we were amazed. Delivery excellent”.

To find the right PillowShelf for your bed, click here:

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