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UK Bed Measurements for Singles, Doubles, Queens, Kings and Super Kings

infographic showing the 7 standard bed dimensions in the UK

Buying a new bed can be surprisingly stressful. You’ll be overwhelmed with options and if you’re quite tall purchasing a bed brings a new set of problems – which one can you fit in?

Thankfully, we know how it is, so we created this guide with all the UK bed measurements. Later, we share the measurements by bed type, plus how you can lengthen each bed size and to what measurement.

So stay tuned! If you’re buying a new bed for more room, this might be the best blog you’ll come across!

In this article:

UK Bed Measurements

In the UK, standard bed measurements are considered using the mattress size they will hold. In most cases, the shape and style of the mattress is the primary determinant of the shape of the bed frames and this is what often confuses people when shopping for new ones. The common mistake most people make is using mattress size measurements to determine the necessary room space required. However, since bed frame dimensions always vary from frame to frame and are almost always slightly larger than mattress dimensions, you should always look at the specific frame dimensions for exact measurements.

We understand that different people of different sizes and heights go for various bed measurements that suit their sizes and needs perfectly. Here are seven UK-size standard beds and what you need to know about them before purchasing them.

In the UK, most beds, single, double and queen, are 190cm long (6’3”), only the Kingsize and Superking are 8cm (3”) longer at 198cm (6’6”) long.

The National Bed Federation states that you should select a bed which is at least 4”-5” longer than your height so that you can stretch down your toes when laying on your side.

If you have a divan base then you can extend the length of the bed by a further 15cm(6 inches) by adding the patented Bedstretch PillowShelf.

Small single-bed size (2’6” or 75cm wide)

If you are looking for the perfect bed size for your children who are transitioning to a bigger space then a small single-bed size is the perfect bed for them because of its narrow size, it is small and comfortable but doesn’t take up much space in the room.

  • Width: 75cm
  • Length: 190cm
  • Extended small single-bed size (6’9” long)

If you want to extend your small single bed with a PillowShelf, you can add an extra 15cm (6 inches) to its length.

Extended dimensions for small single-bed size:

  • Width: 75cm
  • Length: 205cm
pillow shelf extender with bear

Standard single bed size (3’ or 90cm wide)

A standard single bed is a 15cm (6 inches) wider than a small single-bed, it gives more space to single sleepers, and it is suitable for bunk beds and larger children’s beds. Instead of constantly changing beds for your ever-growing toddlers, it’s advisable if there is enough room, to get a single bed that will accommodate them until they leave home, this will also save you money.

  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length: 190 cm
  • Extended standard single-bed size (6’9” long)

Because of the fast pace at which the kids grow, you can add a PillowShelf to stretch the length by 15cm (6 inches).

Extended dimensions for standard single-bed size:

  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length: 205 cm
double divan bed with pillowshelf extension

Small double bed size (4’ or 120cm wide)

A small double bed, also called a three-quarter bed, is wider than a single bed but not quite as wide as a double bed. This size of bed has ample room for one person to spread out, although two adults can snuggle into it comfortably. This bed is excellent for guest rooms and smaller bedrooms where a standard double might be difficult to fit. To save more space or manage the little space available, your small double bed can often have additional storage space underneath with an ottoman or divan base with drawers.

  • Width – 120 cm
  • Length – 190 cm

Extended small double bed size (6’9” long)

Some people will favour a small double over a single to allow a tall person to sleep diagonally but if you feel like extending the bed to contain a taller person without forcing them to sleep diagonally then a PillowShelf can be used to extend its length by 15cm (6 inches).

  • Width: 120 cm
  • Length: 205 cm
Tall man sleeping in a double divan bed.

Standard Double bed size (4’6” or 135cm wide)

The standard double is the most common and popular size in the UK. The double bed size is designed such that two adults can fit on it and sleep comfortably without occupying too much of the bedroom. However it should be remembered that this is still only 67cm (2’3”) of width per adult and at best could be considered cosy. You can buy a wide range of different headboards of different styles and heights to be attached to them.

  • Width: 135 cm
  • Length: 190 cm
  • Extended double bed size (6’9” long)

For double beds, a folding double bed PillowShelf can be used to extend its length by 15cm (6 inches) at the head end where it will not be seen or felt.

Extended standard Double bed size

  • Width: 135 cm
  • Length: 205 cm
extend a double bed with pillowshelf

Queen bed size (5’ or 150cm wide)

A queen bed is a large double, and with 2’6” of width for each person, is wide enough for two adults to spread out. Its larger size takes up more space in the room but allows width so that two occupants are less likely to disturb each other as they move in their sleep. The Queen size bed is the same length as a standard double bed at 190cm (6’3”) long and often comes with more elegant styles of headboard.

  • Width: 150 cm
  • Length: 190 cm

Kingsize bed (5’ or 150cm wide)

Often easily confused with a queen size bed, the Kingsize at 5’ wide still provides each person 2’6” of width allowing for movement as they sleep, but the Kingsize is 8cm(3”) longer at 198cm (6’6”) long.

  • Width: 150 cm
  • Length: 198 cm

Extended queen or kingsize bed (6’9” long or for a kingsize 7’ long)

Both the Queen and the Kingsize beds use a 5’ (150cm) wide PillowShelf bed extender which will extend the length by 15cm (6 inches), this can be attached or slotted in under the pillow where it will be hidden and the join will not be felt.

  • Width: 150 cm
  • Length: Queen – 205 cm, King – 213 cm

Superking bed size (6’ or 180cm wide)

This is the largest standard bed size in the UK, it is the same width as two single beds pushed together but 8cm (3”) longer at 198cm (6’6”)long. It is perfect for couples that are looking for the ultimate sleeping space to spread out in and it is spacious enough for children and pets.

  • Width: 200 cm
  • Length: 198 cm

Extended super-king bed size (7’ long)

If you want to extend your superking bed you can create a massive 213cm (7 foot) long bed. Simply add a 6 foot PillowShelf to extend the length by 15cm (6 inches).

  • Width: 200 cm
  • Length: 213cm
large bed with pillowshelf extension.

What Size Bed Should You Choose?

The type of bed you choose will depend on your needs, lifestyle, and home. One of the first things to consider when choosing a new bed for your house is space and comfort. Anyone taller than 5ft 11″ (180cm) should go for a bed that is 6ft 6″ ( 200cm) in length because the length of a regular UK double bed is 6ft 3″ (190cm ). It’s therefore advisable to choose a kingsize bed or a superking bed because both measure 198/200cm in length ( about 6ft 6”) and can accommodate a taller person. For anyone over 6ft 2” (190cm), you should consider adding a PillowShelf Bed Extender to any bed making it 6ft 9” (215cm) or adding one to a king or Superking will provide a bed that is fully 7ft long (213/215cm)

With a PillowShelf, a smaller-sized bed can be stretched in minutes and is ideal for those on a budget.

For parents of ever growing children, a PillowShelf might give you the freedom to choose a divan single that you can later extend as your child grows.

Everybody wants a bed that will fit into their space, welcome them with open arms whenever they are home, help them have a peaceful sleep, and also fit in with their room decoration. Knowing the right bed size to go for makes all of these easy to achieve and also makes bed shopping less or a drama. Nobody wants a bed that will make their legs dangle off the end while sleeping, so simply buy any divan bed and mattress in the shop and then add a PillowShelf to extend it by 6 inches (15cm) in length so that you won’t have to curl up when you should be stretching out.

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