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Are Divan Beds Strong and How Long Do They Last?

Your new bed is an investment. You want to know it’s strong, durable, and comfortable. Plus, if you’re spending hundreds, or even thousands, on your new bed, you’ll want to know it lasts.

This article will answer the must-ask questions before buying a divan bed.  Plus, we provide our best tips for a long-lasting bed.

Are divan beds sturdy?

Yes, divan beds are generally sturdy because they provide an even surface to place your mattress. Compared to its alternatives, like slats or a metal grid, divans offer more support. 

Additionally, with fewer parts making up the bed, there are fewer bits and pieces to wear out over time; nobody wants a creaky or wobbly bed! 

How much weight can a divan bed hold?

How much weight a divan bed can hold depends on the manufacturers, but 80 to 100kg per person will generally be fine. If in doubt, reinforced frames are available for everyone but can be particularly desirable for heavier people; some retailers boast divan frames supporting 190kg per person.

For taller people who need a sturdy and long bed, the divan has a major selling point; you can make it longer, so it’s a solid choice for taller people.

man asleep in a divan bed with a Pillowshelf

How long will a divan bed last?

How long a divan bed can last depends on the quality of its build. However, a divan bed can be expected to be part of your home for ten years or more. The styles and fashion of the upholstery may change, but the integrity of the frame should remain the same. 

When it comes to single divan beds and seemingly ever-growing teenagers you can increase the life of your bed with a  PillowShelf.

Growing teenagers will outgrow their single beds before you know it, but instead of buying a new bed, you can extend the one you’ve got instead.

man asleep in a divan bed with a Pillowshelf

Are divan beds stronger than wooden slatted or metal bed frames?

A good quality divan offers more strength and sturdiness by the very nature of being made from fewer parts. Linking with the above, a reinforced divan frame would inevitably make it a stronger choice. 

Is a solid platform or sprung top sturdier for a divan base?

Opting for a sprung top divan base will probably mean that your bed will last longer; the springs absorb much of the impact of moving on the bed. This means that the frame is less likely to suffer from wear and tear. 

That said, the sprung top divan base is more of an investment money-wise, and a solid platform base still promises a sturdy bed frame in which you can have confidence. A solid platform also means less movement and can feel like it offers more support for some users.

Are divan bases sturdy enough for heavy-duty mattresses?

If you need a heavy-duty mattress, you may need a heavy-duty or reinforced frame. You can check the weight of your mattress plus the weight of those sleeping on it against manufacturers’ guidelines.

Tips for a long-lasting divan bed

We’ve got our best tips on how to get the most out of your divan and to have a comfortable night’s sleep for years to come. 

H3: Buy reinforced

Buying a reinforced divan frame should give you more peace of mind about the durability and stability of your chosen bed. Whilst a reinforced frame may be advantageous for heavier people, they are beneficial for many types of sleepers as they are designed to stop you from sinking into the mattress, which some find uncomfortable.

Buying a reinforced frame also means that it can more suitably carry the weight of a sturdier mattress. 

Compared to a regular divan, a reinforced base can offer twice the support and has reinforced sides. Most bed sizes are available reinforced, and you can still have the practical storage options that a divan provides. 

Don’t use a heavy-duty mattress

If you don’t absolutely need it, you could skip on the heavy-duty mattress, especially if you’re not opting for the reinforced divan. A heavy-duty mattress is usually made of heavier and more dense materials than a standard mattress and a standard base may not be durable enough to hold the weight. 

We recommend prioritising your sleep, though! If heavy-duty is what’s needed, then get it.

Protect the fabric outer

After taking the time to find a bed that is perfect for you, it’s important to keep it looking its best, especially as a bed is normally a focal point within the bedroom. 

Check out the manufacturer’s advice about keeping your base clean in case certain products should not be used. 

Proactively keeping your divan base clean means that there will be less build-up of dust, dirt, and debris etc. You can vacuum your base  with the upholstery attachment or use a soft brush.

If your base  gets any spillages/marks, it is better to try and deal with them as quickly as possible. It is always a good idea to do a spot test on the base  in a place that is hidden to ensure the product won’t damage/further stain your bed.

Bonus tip – keep a close eye on pets and children around your divan  base, pet claws and children’s sticky fingers could damage your  base.

Hopefully, these tips will keep your divan bed strong, durable, and comfortable.

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