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Teen Boys Room Makeover on a Budget

A teenage boy’s bedroom should be his sanctuary, the place where he can escape from the pressures of school, socialising, his parents (!) and be completely free to be himself. The perfect bedroom should be functional and comfortable whilst also being an outward manifestation of what makes you, you! 

As your teenage son outgrows his childhood toys, interests and even his bed, his bedroom should mature with him. It can be difficult though as we all know teenage boys’ interests can change like the wind so it’s understandable that you may be reluctant to make permanent and expensive changes to their bedroom decoration. 

In this guide we’re going to look at a few easy (and importantly cheap) ways you and your teenage son can give their bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank. By the time we’re done your son will have a new appreciation of his space and may even keep it clean! You better watch out though, he’ll also be desperate to bring his friends over!  

Decoration ideas

First things first, there’s no need to go wild, put down the hammer, we’re not talking structural change here. Assuming your son’s bedroom is already painted in a neutral colour you may be able to give it a completely different vibe just with some choice decorations. You might already have them available. 


The most obvious solution is posters, whatever your teenage son is interested in, whether it’s a favourite band, sports team or maybe he loves cars, strategically placed posters can make the world of difference to the feel of a bedroom, and it takes no time at all. 

The posters you choose don’t need to be expensive glossy originals, you could neatly trim pages from magazines you already have. Thrift stores often have specialist books for any hobby for extremely low prices. These kinds of books sometimes have beautiful illustrations which could be carefully cut out and even framed to create a professional looking display item. 


A fresh coat of paint is the most dramatic change you can make to a room but buying enough paint to cover the whole room can be expensive! Instead, consider painting just one or two ‘accent’ walls, which as you will see from designers on Instagram and Pinterest are all the rage at the moment. As well as looking modern and stylish, you can usually paint one wall with a sample pot from your local DIY store. An extra bonus- it takes a lot less time too!

Before you go running to the DIY shop, check out your garage or basement for any leftover paint from previous makeovers. You could even ask friends if they have any spare as most people don’t use the whole pot!

Reuse Items

Avoid buying a new bed

As your son is growing up, he may not only be growing out of his room but growing too big for his bed as well. We all know how much teenage boys love their sleep; indeed, it can be very difficult to get them out of their beds, particularly on school mornings or when great grandma is coming over! 

Jokes aside, teenagers need their sleep, and another interesting fact, did you know that the average person is getting taller?! This has the unfortunate side effect that our standard beds are often too short, causing all sorts of problems such as poor sleep or physical pain.

While you may be resigned to having to find the money for a whole new bed, that doesn’t need to be the case. There are some amazing products out there that can save you the cash!

PillowShelf is an amazing product that allows you to extend your son’s existing bed by around 6 inches. The PillowShelf does this by fixing to the top end of a divan bed where the pillows sit, meaning that your son won’t even notice that its there. 

The PillowShelf is super easy to install and will allow your son to stretch out in comfort.

Upcycle items

You might be staring at that old chest of drawers plastered in decomposing Star Wars stickers and missing doorknobs and thinking it is time for a trip to the tip. However, before you load up the car, have you considered the latest thrift craze of Upcycling? This is where you take a preloved item that has seen better days and give it a new lease of life!

A makeover could include repairing old damage, and if it is wood, giving it a sand or a varnish. A new coat of paint can really improve a tired bookcase, and it is amazing what a set of funky door handles can do to a wardrobe! There is plenty of advice on YouTube on how to Upcycle different bits of furniture if you are short of inspiration.

You don’t always need to already have the furniture as well, there are tons of websites where people in your area are trying to get rid of their unused furniture, some of it for free! Make sure you check out Gumtree and Freecycle in your local area to see if you can grab a bargain. 

Cool things to add character to a boy’s room

Memorabilia collages

No matter what your son is into, I am sure he has memorabilia from exciting days such as sporting events or concert tickets. You could arrange these in creative collages in Perspex clip frames that you can buy cheaply or find in thrift stores, or you could reuse some existing ones already in his room. This will add a unique and personal touch to the makeover and clears some clutter from the garage. 

With a bit of love and care pretty much anything can be turned into an ornament, go digging in the back of the wardrobe for old football kits which don’t fit anymore. These would look amazing framed, especially if you could get them signed by his favourite player! 

Stencils on the wall

If you are not artistically inclined the idea of doing anything more complicated with paint than block colouring the walls in a singular colour can be intimidating, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Online there are tons of great resources for finding stencils which can help you to paint fantastic murals without needing to be Michelangelo. 

All you need is access to a printer and a pair of scissors and your away, organic patterns like trees and leaves are perfect if you’re not so confident as it doesn’t matter if you are a little rough around the edges. 

The other option is to go full modernist, go wild with a roll of masking tape and you can create fantastic geometric patterns, all you need to do is stay in the lines! And make sure you don’t leave the tape on for too long or it will pull away the paint underneath. 

Don’t be afraid to go bold when painting, don’t forget you can always paint over it again!

Create your own modern art

Who says the only thing you can hang on the wall is a painting? When it comes to giving your son’s bedroom a bold and exciting makeover its important to think outside the box. If your son loves cycling why not visit the tip and recover some scrapped bikes, these can be stripped down and the various cogs, wheels and frames mounted on the walls as ornaments. 

The same goes for any interest, with a bit of vision and experimentation (and a lot of No More Nails) you could create a 3D collage of just about anything.

Be careful though, if you do too much of a good job, you might get neighbours knocking on the door asking you for commissions!

Tips for decorating your son’s room on a budget

Hopefully this article has given you some great ideas for redecorating your son’s bedroom, the potential really is limitless. We’ll leave you with our top 3 tips for decorating on a budget.

  • If you do need new furniture, take your time looking for it! You can wait for sales, ask around or go on second hand websites, garage sales or thrift stores. With a little patience, you will find a great deal. 
  • Be bold – Don’t worry, plasterboard can always be patched up and you can always paint back over it.
  • Get family and friends involved! If you don’t feel very creative, think of someone in the family who is, and invite them over for a collage-making or mural-painting session.
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