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Christmas Gifts Tall People Will Appreciate

santa lay on a bed with a pillowshelf

Struggling to think of the perfect Christmas gift for your tall friend or loved one? We’re here to provide some present inspiration so that you can surprise and delight the tall people in your life with gifts they will actually use, and love! Whether it’s a secret Santa surprise, a stocking filler or an extra special gift, we’ve found a fantastic festive selection of gifts that are made with taller people in mind.

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Gifts For Tall People

The Gift of Good Sleep: Double, King or King Size Bed Extender

All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep! The PillowShelf bed extender is more than just a gift, it’s lifelong better sleep which means more focus, better work performance, general happiness and all round wellbeing. The double PillowShelf adds six inches to the length of your mattress it stands at the head end of the bed, under the pillows, allowing you and your tall loved one to stretch out and get a good night’s sleep. In sizes up to a super king, the extenders are easy to install and can make a huge difference to the tall people in your life.

picture of a bed with the PillowShelf

Matching Christmas PJs for The Whole Family

Who doesn’t love a pair of cosy pyjamas, and even more so when they actually fit! With sizes from 9 months to adult XXL Long (men’s and women’s), you can give a set for everyone in the family to take the perfect Christmas morning photos.

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A Gift for Tall Folk Who Work from Home

Is your loved one still working from home? So are we, and our long backs are suffering from being hunched over a standard desk all day. Standing desks allow you to stand tall, raising your screen to eye level and the keyboard to a comfortable wrist level. 

Shop the Yo-Yo Desk

Furniture Risers 

It’s not just beds that are too short for tall people, buying furniture as a tall person can be a minefield, and we’re often left struggling with low sofas, beds and dining tables that we need to cram our knees under. These furniture raisers are a thoughtful present that can vastly improve all kinds of pieces in your loved one’s home. With a range of styles to choose from, you’ll find something to match their home decor.

Shop Furniture Risers at HealthcarePro

Elevated Chopping Board 

A gift they might even use on Christmas day itself while peeling and chopping endless potatoes for the roasting tin! This elevated chopping board gives an extra 8cm height, which can make a big difference when bent over a kitchen worktop. They can also be used as a stylish cheese board, butter board, or whatever board you fancy…

Shop Elevated Chopping Boards at Ikea

Massage Voucher

While a massage voucher gift is cute, tall people are far more likely to experience back pain than others, so a professional massage would be much appreciated. You can find a therapist near your loved one and buy a gift voucher that they can cash in when they most need it (maybe after the stress of the Christmas period…).

Buy a Message at buyagift

Gifts For Tall Children

What do you buy for the tall child who already has everything? We’ve got some ideas…

The Gift of Good Sleep: Single Bed Extender

Buy children a gift that won’t end up forgotten by boxing day or thrown up into the attic. This is a gift they will actually use for years to come and it will genuinely bring happiness and increase concentration at school. The single bed extender allows extra room for taller kids without the need for a double bed that takes up loads of room (allowing them extra space for toys, gaming stations, giant wardrobes, etc.).

A Book to Celebrate Differences

Some tall children might feel self-conscious about being a head and shoulders above their friends at school. This is a beautiful book aimed at children aged four to eight that celebrates all kinds of differences, including being very tall.

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Gifts For Tall Women

Festive Tights and Stockings

It’s tights season for the women in our lives, and there’s nothing worse than poorly fitting tights that you end up adjusting all night long. Snag offers an array of brightly coloured tights in a very inclusive sizing range, recommended by many a tall, long-legged person. These tights come in lots of fun and festive shades and designs, from candy stripe elf to glittery fishnets, and they even have a line of toasty merino wool tights for the colder months.

Shop on Snag Tights

Extra Long Yoga Mats

If you know a tall yogi, they are likely to be putting up with a subpar yoga mat that leaves either their feet or hands on the cold hard ground when posing in downward dog. This Christmas, why not get them one of these extra long yoga mats from Yoga Studio Store that come in gorgeous hues and a selection of specifications.

Shop at Yoga Studio Store

Oversized Hoodie for Cozy Winter Nights

For tall women that are longer in the torso, we often dream of finding an oversized hoodie that actually looks oversized on us. Speaking on behalf of all tall ladies, this Christmas we would love one of these dreamy cosy hoodies that are perfect for nights in spent streaming festive classics and sheltering from the cold.

Shop on BooHoo

Gifts For Tall Men

Super Soft Socks for Stocking Fillers

If you haven’t tried bamboo socks yet, you’re in for a treat! They are super soft and these pairs from the Sock Shop come in bold colours and make a great stocking filler. With sizing up to UK 12-14, and priced at under £5 they are a budget-friendly option for our tall friends and family with larger feet.

Shop on Sock Shop

Something for the Outdoors Types

If your giftee is an outdoorsy type, there are loads of great camping products made for tall people. This Chrysalis four season sleeping bag from Snugpak is extra long at 220cm and is designed for camping in any weather.

…Or a long-length two person tent to plan for adventures in the year ahead! This Coleman’s tent is over 300cm long, leaving lots of space for the tallest of the tall to rest on a backpacking trip, plus it’s really easy to set up.

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